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  "Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world.
Unreasonable people attempt to adept the world to
themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on
unreasonable people."   George Bernard Shaw


The company was active 2000-2011
Project management
Business development
Software development
Market research



CONTACT NET LTD is an innovative SME set up in Romania in 2000, all its activities being targeted towards the deployment and adoption of Information Society Technologies, in the context of deep transformations and dynamic restructuring, and the provision of enhanced possibilities to all citizens to be integrated and adapted to the new realities.
Our company activity covers several fields focusing on Project Management, Consulting and Business development, Market Research, Publishing, Trainings, and Software & Services development.

CONTACT NET Ltd is ISO 9001 certified since 2005.

Consulting and Project Development
Since 2002 CONTACT NET has been focusing on the challenging and brain-intensive field of Project development, coordination and management - our projects involving research, innovation and new technology implementation, following and often foreseeing the knowledge-based society international trends.
We currently provide consulting for the preparation of European IST projects, and R&D projects for international and national auctions and project contests.
Since 2003 CONTACT NET team courageously took the responsibility of international projects coordination, such as IOSSPL and EK-HR, the main R&D projects focusing on multi-language handwriting- recognition systems, libraries automation and web-integration based on Grid technology. For the projects timeframe we have also set up and coordinated project-offices in several countries (France, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Poland), closed partnerships with local research institutes and companies, and recruited and trained the required personnel to fulfill the project specific tasks.

Governmental Consulting and Projects
In 2004 we have been selected as official consulting providers for the World Bank-funded Governmental programme GFP - Grant Facility Programme - the national-scale award of grants following the publication of several Calls for Proposals under the general goals of the Knowledge Economy National Project. We have provided Consulting services to the Ministries involved and worked out the mechanism, the procedures and the methodology required for the Calls for Proposals organizing, the Application process and packages, Eligibility & Administrative Compliance guidelines, Evaluation & Selection criteria and procedures, Coordination & Supervision mechanism, Uniform Reporting Guidelines, Monitoring & Impact Assessment Process for the entire GFP Programme, as well as an outline of the Information & Dissemination Plan.

Software and Services Development
Our Software and Services development department is growing and consolidating around the highly talented young and visionary team of developers, providing services ranging from systems and requirements analysis to the development, implementation, testing and support.
The ICT projects of national importance we are undergoing, with wide international implications, address the libraries automation and integration at the national scale, aiming to fulfill the integration within the European libraries arena, portals development, web-integration of national associations, mayoralties, as well as support for EInclusion (implementation of Adaptable Multimodal Interfaces for Visually Impaired people to access Virtual Cultural Patrimony). By having proven the value of the company human capital at the top of international expectations, our client portfolio covers today a wide range of activity domains and geographical locations.

R&D activities are conducted in parallel
Our main objectives and on-going research and development (R&D) efforts are in the areas of Grid technology and Virtual Organisations management, Portal technologies, Security infrastructures and applications, Mobile Computing, Digital Library technologies, Embedded Systems, Handwriting recognition software, Cognition.

Market Research
Our long-run market study activities have extended from the internal surveys to the international market research projects. Our studies are always connected and support the R&D activities, addressing major societal objectives and advanced research goals (multi-language handwriting recognition, automated & digital libraries, digital radiology, vehicles mobile guidance and monitoring).

In support to the projects development and coordination, our Publishing team has been editing print and on-line magazines of national audience in the ICT field, in both English and Romanian languages.
Our magazines "E&m Global Perspective - Integration and Connectivity Today" and "XXI Solutions - Competitive Management in the Informational Society" have proven high success since the very launch and have attracted both national and international audience.

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